2015 Christmas Choir Festival

Choir participating in the 2015 Christmas Choir Festival sponsored by the Embassy

The American Corner located in the Municipal Library Gonzalez Suarez, 1st floor of Centro Cultural Metropolitano (Garcia Moreno 887 y Espejo) will host the 7th annual festival of Christmas Choirs on Thursday, December 10, at 09:30.

Choirs from seven educational institutions (Lethbridge International School, Saint Patrick School, Escuela Concentración Deportiva de Pichincha, Unidad Educativa Particular Bilingüe Ángel Polibio Cháves, Unidad Educativa Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, Unidad Educativa Municipal Quitumbe, and Unidad Educativa Jesús de Nazareth) in Quito will participate along with the Embassy’s choir.

The American Corner was established thanks to an agreement with Centro Cultural Metropolitano to provide information on the U.S. and a space for cultural and academic events.