A group of artists from the United States will inaugurate the Loja Festival of Performing Arts today

Manual Cinema will present a multimedia show that imaginatively combines shadow puppets, cinematic techniques, sound effects and live music.

The U.S. Government funded the participation of 12 American artists from Manual Cinema, who will perform a version of Frankenstein.

Loja, November 17, 2022. The United States is the guest of honor for the seventh edition of the Loja International Festival of Performing Arts 2022 (FIAVL) which begins today with the performance of an innovative version of the classic gothic tale Frankenstein.

The United States Government funded and coordinated the participation of 12 artists from the Manual Cinema company in Chicago, Illinois, who will present their version of Frankenstein for free in Loja. This repertoire is a multimedia show that imaginatively combines shadow puppets, cinematic techniques, sound effects and live music.

“We are happy and honored that the Government of Ecuador has invited us to participate in the Loja Festival, which is the largest gathering of artists in the country. We know that the goal of this festival is to bring art closer to people. It is an opportunity for us to promote cultural ties between nations and values such as empathy, inclusion, and diversity in Ecuador,” said Michael J. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador.

The play Frankenstein will be presented for free today at 7:00 p.m. at the Benjamín Carrión Theater in Loja. A second free performance will be held at the same theater tomorrow, Friday, November 18 at 8:00 p.m.

In the play, Manual Cinema combines the classic tale of Frankenstein with the biography of the author of the original novel, Englishwoman Mary Shelley, to create an unexpected story about the beauty and horror of creation. In their performance of Frankenstein, the group will address universal themes such as love, loss, and creation. In addition, they will highlight the importance of embracing differences, empathizing with the other, and not fearing diversity.

The Emmy Award winning (2017) theatrical company from Chicago is an acting group, design studio, and film and video production company founded in 2010.

Sharing cultural values is a priority for the United States. When countries share principles, knowledge, and experience, we promote tolerance and understanding. Sharing cultural values is essential for countries’ development.