Ambassador’s Statement

Ambassador’s Statement

One-year Anniversary of Russia’s War Against the People of Ukraine

Today, marks one year since Russia launched its unprovoked, premeditated, and unjustified full-scale war against Ukraine. The people of Ukraine have displayed incredible courage and determination to defend their freedom, while standing up for global democratic values. The United States and our allies and partners will continue to ensure that Ukraine has what it needs to defend its people and territory against Russia’s aggression.

Russia chose this war. If Russia stops fighting and withdraws, the war ends. If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends. Russia is the sole obstacle to peace in Ukraine. We want this war to end immediately—a just peace that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Russia is losing the war and in desperation has unleashed unconscionable bombardments, hitting schools, hospitals, churches, and residences to exact the heaviest toll on civilians.

The UN General Assembly has repeatedly voted to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its violations of the UN Charter.

Putin chose this war, and Russia is responsible for the devastation and lives lost over the past year. The world must continue to hold Russia to account.