COVID-19 and Travel Information

This website includes all of the information we currently have for U.S. citizens wishing to depart or travel to Ecuador. Please return here often as we will update this site with any new information.

If you believe you may have COVID-19 or were exposed to someone who may have COVID-19 call 171 or 911.  Ecuador’s Ministry of Health maintains an information page:  The most up-to-date information can be found on the Ministry’s Twitter account:


Departure from Ecuador:

  • The U.S. Embassy is aware of the following airlines that may have flight options for U.S. citizens who wish to return to the United States.  Contact the airlines directly for additional information or check with your preferred travel arranger/online travel agency.
    • American Airlines will offer flights out of Quito and Guayaquil:
      Customers can contact American Airlines directly at, by telephone at 800-433-7300 (English) or 800-633-3711 (Spanish), or through a travel agency.
    • Eastern Airlines will offer flights out of Guayaquil:
      Customers can contact Eastern Airlines directly by telephone at +1-855-216-7601, +1-877-971-0919, or +1-201-526-7616.
    • Jet Blue will operate flights from Guayaquil:
      Customers can contact Jet Blue directly at, by telephone at +1-800-538-2583 (U.S. phone number for Ecuador), or through a travel agency.
    • Spirit Airlines will operate flights from Guayaquil:
      Customers can contact Spirit Airlines directly at, via WhatsApp at +1-801-401-2222 with “Hello”, or through a travel agency.
    • United Airlines will operate flights from Quito and Guayaquil:
      Customers can contact United Airlines at, via WhatsApp to +593-9-8461-7257, at or through a travel agency.
  • Do not travel to the airport without a confirmed itinerary and please make sure you are aware of current curfew restrictions.
  • At this time, we are not aware of any other airlines departing Ecuador to the United States. When we learn about additional airline options, we will post that information on this webpage.

Transportation within Ecuador to either Quito or Guayaquil Airports:

  • Due to curfew and travel restrictions, please be sure to complete and take with you the Mobilization Authorization that permits travel throughout the country irrespective of curfew hours.  Each passenger should follow the instructions located here: (this includes information about obtaining a salvoconducto for the person taking travelers to the airport).
  • Bring and wear a face mask and gloves.
  • U.S. citizens who wish to depart Ecuador should contact commercial airlines directly.

Financial Assistance:

  • If you need financial assistance due to unexpected costs incurred while staying longer than planned in Ecuador, please consider several options:
    • Your credit card company may be willing to temporarily raise your credit limit.
    • Family or friends could send you money via Western Union.
    • Family or friends can purchase an airline ticket and/or accommodations directly with a credit card.
    • Alternatively, family or friends could send money through “OCS Trust,” a service offered by the Department of State. They can learn more under the U.S. Department of State section on Sending Money to Destitute U.S. Citizens Overseas webpage in
    • Consider minimizing your expenses and moving to alternative lodging. If you need assistance with lodging in Ecuador, contact the Ministry of Tourism.
    • If no options remain, contact the Embassy or Consulate (see contact information below)

Travel to Ecuador:

  • Note that a U.S. Government Global Health Advisory Level 4: Do Not Travel remains in effect:
  • Ecuador approved resumption of commercial flight operations beginning June 1, 2020, with limited flight capacity.
  • All arriving passengers are required to have the results of a PCR (polymerise chain reaction) COVID test from within the last seven (7) days prior to arrival in Ecuador. If testing is not available in the departure country, arriving passengers need to sign a document promising they will undergo testing by Ecuadorian health authorities. Testing will be conducted immediately at the airport upon arrival or on subsequent days, as determined by the discretion of Ministry of Health personnel.
  • All passengers arriving in Ecuador will be required to comply with mandatory preventive quarantine (aislamiento preventativo obligatorio, or APO) for 14 days upon arrival. Ecuadorian citizens/residents with negative PCR results and other Ecuadorian citizens/residents in “priority” groups (children, adolescents without parents, pregnant women, those with disabilities or serious illnesses, the elderly) may quarantine at home.  Ecuadorian citizens and residents with positive PCR results and who are not in “priority” groups must quarantine in government-designated temporary housing/hotels. Individuals in temporary housing/hotels can request a PCR test after seven days and, if negative, may finish the remaining seven days of quarantine at home.  All travelers who are not Ecuadorian citizens or residents must quarantine the entire 14 days in government-designated temporary housing/hotels even if they present negative PCR test results.  Please see regarding quarantine.

Please note procedures may change at any time. We recommend reaching out to the Ecuadorian embassy or consulate nearest you before traveling for the most updated information at

Country-Specific Information:

  • Please click here for a message from U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador, Mike Fitzpatrick.
  • Ecuador has confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in all 24 provinces.
  • On March 19, the U.S. Department of State issued a Global Health Advisory Level 4, advising U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. U.S. citizens who live abroad should avoid all international travel.
  • At that time, the Government of Ecuador prohibited all foreigners and most Ecuadorians from arriving via air, land, or sea. Ecuador has begun lifting some but not all restrictions on individuals travelling into the country. See Travel to Ecuador section, above.
  • The Government of Ecuador has restricted movement throughout the country and imposed curfews. Some provinces are relaxing these restrictions, but U.S. citizens should continue to comply with all local laws and monitor local news for any updates. Note these restrictions can change at any time. Please see: for general information regarding restrictions and for specific resolutions for the most up to date information regarding curfew times and other restrictions.
  • The Government of Ecuador provides coronavirus-related information at this website: The most up to date information can be found on the Ministry’s Twitter account:
  • To receive important updates, U.S. citizens should ensure that they have registered their travel in Ecuador in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at
  • For additional information, see our latest Health/Travel alert:

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