Ecuador joins the Clean Network

Izquierda: Foto del presidente Moreno y el subsecretario Krach en Davos; derecha: ministro Michelena y subsecretario Krach en Quito. Left: Photo of President Moreno and Undersecretary Krach in Davos; right: Minister Michelena and Undersecretary Krach in Quito.

U.S. Undersecretary of State of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and Environment Keith J. Krach today welcomed Ecuador as the 51st nation member of the Clean Network.

Under Secretary Krach met with President Lenin Moreno, where the two officials discussed elevating the U.S.-Ecuador partnership to the next level by taking steps to drive private-sector investment to Ecuador. Under Secretary Krach thanked President Moreno for his courageous leadership in implementing needed reforms to address economic challenges and protect Ecuador’s most vulnerable. Krach said that America’s commitment to the people of Ecuador is rock solid, and we will continue to work hard to keep the great momentum between our nations moving forward.

Following his call with Ecuador’s President, Under Secretary Krach met with the Minister of Telecommunications Andrés Michelena to discuss the critical importance of securing Ecuador’s 5G infrastructure in order to safeguard the Ecuadorian people’s privacy, its companies’ intellectual property, and Ecuador’s national security.

Under Secretary Krach and Minister Michelena held a joint press briefing, where Michelena declared Ecuador’s support for the principles of the Clean Network. Ministry of Telecommunications released a statement echoing the Minister’s words and outlining Ecuador’s commitment:

“For our country, it is essential to protect the telecommunications infrastructure and guarantee that the use of information technologies by the State is safe and protects the integrity and privacy of people. Furthermore, the protection of personal data and the privacy of our citizens are rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution of Ecuador. Ecuador also reiterated its commitment to join efforts in pursuit of an open and secure global internet, based on democratic values ​​and respect for human rights. Ecuador supports the principles of the Clean Network initiative.”

During his visit to Quito, Under Secretary Krach also met with several members of Ecuador’s National Assembly. The group exchanged views on a number of critical issues, including trade, security, China’s illegal fishing practices, and 5G.

After the meeting, Fernando Flores, President of the Committee on Sovereignty, Integration, International Relations, and National Security, stated,

“Ecuador is focusing on promoting economic growth through digital transformation. The trust guaranteed by the Clean Network could accelerate our efforts to promote economic growth while guaranteeing our national security.”

Krach also took the opportunity to discuss the future of a secure data infrastructure with representatives of cellular telecommunications operators Claro, Telefonica, and Corporación Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CNT).

In the past few years, Ecuador and the United States have grown ever closer, cooperating to strengthen the security of our free societies, and to increase prosperity and opportunity for our citizens. Under Secretary Krach summed up the U.S.-Ecuador partnership stating,

 “The United States and Ecuador trust each other. We trust Ecuador will make the right 5G decision for its citizens, businesses, and ultimately its national security. And the United States will be right there by your side.”