Ecuador’s National Day

On behalf of the Government of the United States and the American people, I send warm greetings to the Ecuadorian people as you celebrate the 211th anniversary of your declaration of independence.

Even as Ecuador confronts the impact of COVID-19 on its people and economy, it remains a steadfast partner of the United States in the hemisphere and serves as a beacon of hope for refugees from Venezuela.  We stand proudly by Ecuadorians in the fight against the pandemic, and look forward to emerging together from this challenge even more strong and prosperous.

President Moreno’s visit to the White House earlier this year reaffirmed that the long-standing partnership and cooperation between Ecuador and the United States will continue on key issues such as regional security, human rights, and economic development.  Working together to deepen trade ties, defend democracy, promote human rights, and fight illegal narcotics benefits both our countries.

I extend my best wishes for health and prosperity to the people of Ecuador on this anniversary of your declaration of independence.