Alerta de Seguridad – U.S. Mission Ecuador

U.S. Mission, Ecuador
Alerta de Seguridad
Marzo 16, 2018


  • City of Borbón, Esmeraldas province, Ecuador


An improvised explosive device detonated at an Ecuadorian naval station in Borbón, Ecuador on March 16, 2018. Initial reports state there were no injuries or deaths, but significant damage to the facility. This is in Esmeralda province near San Lorenzo, where a car bomb detonated on January 27, 2018.
Ecuadorian Government Officials have stated they will extend the limited State of Emergency in this region initially declared after the January 27 car bomb.

Actions to Take:


  • City of San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas province, Ecuador
  • City of Eloy Alfaro, Esmeraldas province, Ecuador