The following is a list of frequently asked questions related to Public Diplomacy Grants. If you have additional questions, please contact 

  1. What is the difference between Public Diplomacy projects and Development projects?

Public Diplomacy projects focus on promoting the culture, values and ideas of the United States. Public Diplomacy projects must include a U.S. element.

  1. If the Public Affairs Section does not fund projects for Profit Organizations, how can I apply for funding?

You can always apply as an Individual. We will evaluate proposals of people who submit as individuals, or as not-for-profit organizations. 

  1. If my proposal is selected, when can I start with my project?

All selected programs must start before September 30, 2020.

  1. Can we work on a proposal that is related to food and housing?

We cannot fund feeding or housing programs through these resources. 

  1. How will proposals be selected?

We will have evaluation panels made up of different U.S. Embassy and Consulate staff to review and score proposals. Proposals that are selected for funding will be those that most closely meet the requirements laid out in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO.)

  1. What is meant by personal development under the programs listed as NOT eligible for funding?

We cannot fund activities related to furthering the studies or training (personal development) of just a single person such as personal studies, personal exchange programs, etc

  1. If I am an alumnus, can I apply for both calls? Can I apply with more than one proposal?

While there is nothing to prevent you from applying to both calls, if you are an alumnus/alumna please be aware that we have made available funding specifically for alumni projects.  It may be in your best interest to compete for those funds. 

  1. Can an alum/individual or organization submit more than one proposal under each call?

No, each alum/individual or organization should or must submit just one proposal under each call. 

  1. Will the Embassy select to fund more than one project (one for each fund) from the same individual or organization?

No, the Embassy will select to fund just one project to the same individual or organization.

  1. Am I required to submit the official application forms for federal assistance and proof of registration at the proposal stage?

You do not need to submit the official application or mandatory forms for federal assistance at the proposal stage. If you are selected for award, you will be asked to complete these forms (424 forms). If you are a first time recipient, you do not need to include your DUNS registration information at the proposal stage.

  1. What is SAM.GOV? is an official free, U.S. government-operated website where you will register your organization.

In SAM, your organization is referred to as an “Entity.” You register your entity to work with the U.S. government by completing the registration process in SAM.

  1. What is the DUNS number?

You need a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number to register your entity in SAM. DUNS Numbers are unique for each physical location you want to register. You will receive additional information in case your project is selected.

  1. What is the NCAGE Code?

NATO  Commercial and  Government Entity  (NCAGE) Code: International entities must obtain an NCAGE code for each  DUNS number they plan to register in SAM before starting the registration process. You will receive additional information in case your project is selected.

  1. Can I have a sub-grantee under the mechanism of this NOFO?

If you can justify the need and explain how any potential sub-grantees will be monitored, then it is allowable.