Instructions on New Visa Renewal Process via DHL

The Consular Section of the Embassy in Quito and the US General Consulate in Guayaquil, in order to enhance our customer’s experience, have made several improvements to our processes. These include expanding the interview waiver for non-immigrant visas, and offering a more efficient process. As of July 6:

Applicant will not be required to be present for an interview or be fingerprinted, if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be physically present in Ecuador to take advantage of these programs.
  • All children under 14 years old who are applying for first time and whose parents have currently valid visas for five years;
  • Applicants 80 years old and above;
  • Applicants renewing tourist visas issued in Ecuador with the maximum validity of 5 years that have expired less than 48 months ago.

Visa applicants, who are physically in the country, renewing a non-tourist visas granted in Ecuador that have expired less than 12 months ago, need to verify on the following link  to see if they need to be present for an interview.

Applicants who qualify for the interview waiver must visit, answer the questions and follow the instructions to send their application packages by DHL to the Consular Section of Quito or Guayaquil, according to their preference. There is no need to schedule an appointment to drop off  the application packages.

Additional information about the requirements for the interview waiver can be found at An online questionnaire will guide applicants through the process.

Passports will be returned to applicants by DHL, as is the current practice.