Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Demonstration Update

Demonstration Update – U.S. Mission, Ecuador – October 17, 2019


Streets and roads throughout the country, including key routes to the Quito airport, are open.  Public transportation and schools have resumed, and stores have reopened and restocked.  We recommend that all U.S. citizens continue to exercise increased caution and remain vigilant as demonstrations could occur again in any location with little to no warning.


As conditions improve, U.S. Mission personnel in both Quito and Guayaquil are being advised they may resume inter-provincial and inter-city travel while exercising increased caution.  U.S. Mission personnel are instructed to keep in close contact with family and friends and to monitor the media for any updated information that could affect their travels.  Personnel are also encouraged to restock water, food, medications, cash, and other supplies.  Incoming U.S. government personnel are allowed to travel to Ecuador.

The northern provinces of Sucumbios, Carchi, and Esmeraldas (from the city of Esmeraldas north) remain a “do not travel” zone.  The Department of State will likely address the Travel Advisory for Ecuador, which was adjusted during the crisis, in the coming days.

Actions to Take

  • Maintain increased vigilance.
  • Monitor local media for updates on road closures and flight delays/cancellations. (see ECU 911 and Quito / Guayaquil airport websites)
  • Ensure adequate supplies of water, medications, food, cash, and fuel.