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Concurso CreaTuHeroe

¿Quieres asistir a ComicCon Ecuador como un superhéroe? Entonces esta es tu oportunidad. Participa en nuestro Concurso #CreaTuHeroe, y gánate dos entradas VIP para ComicCon y conoce al famoso ilustrador estadounidense de comics Bernard Chang. Participar es fácil, solo debes enviarnos una dibujo con tu héroe original, junto a su nombre y descripción de sus ... Read More»

Message from Secretary Tillerson

Statement by Secretary TILLERSON August 10, 2017 On behalf of the United States, best wishes to the Ecuadorian people on the anniversary of the First Cry for Independence. Since we established bilateral relations 169 years ago, our nations have enjoyed deep and growing ties. We have stood with the Ecuadorian people during trying times, and ... Read More»

Venezuela’s Illegitimate National Constituent Assembly

Press Statement Heather Nauert Department Spokesperson Washington, DC August 3, 2017 The United States considers the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly the illegitimate product of a flawed process designed by the Maduro dictatorship to further its assault on democracy. The process was rigged from the start, from the irregular manner in which the election was decreed ... Read More»

Defending Democracy in Venezuela

Press Statement Heather Nauert Department Spokesperson Washington, DC July 30, 2017 The United States condemns the elections imposed on July 30 for the National Constituent Assembly, which is designed to replace the legitimately elected National Assembly and undermine the Venezuelan people’s right to self-determination. The United States stands by the people of Venezuela, and their ... Read More»

American Citizen Services Newsletter

We are pleased to present the inaugural issue of the American Citizen Services (ACS) Newsletter. Articles in this issue include: Information about Passports, Photos, Taxes Zika Information Sheet Travel Alerts/Warnings Quito U.S. Citizen Services Guayaquil U.S. Citizen Services American Citizen Services Consular Mission Ecuador Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1  (PDF – 539 KB) Read More»