Statement by Amb. Fitzpatrick on Ecuador’s Election

On behalf of the United States, I congratulate the people of Ecuador for exercising that most sacred democratic right of voting for their leaders, especially during this global pandemic.  Our appreciation as well to all the public servants and volunteers who made this election possible.  While this first result appears to be close, particularly in the race for second place, we respect the process laid out by the National Electoral Council, which indicates that another round of voting will occur in April. We share the belief in fair and transparent elections, in accordance with the framework of Ecuador’s regulations, laws, and Constitution, and we support the ongoing work of the appropriate institutions to peacefully and transparently resolve conflicts, thus preserving the integrity of Ecuador’s democracy. As recent events reminded our own nation, democracy can be complicated. Nevertheless, by remaining calm, exercising patience, and respecting the rules and process, Ecuadorians will ensure the will of the people is democratically expressed.  While we all calmly await final confirmation of the results, the United States will continue cooperating with President Moreno’s government, particularly to assist Ecuador in confronting this pandemic, and looks forward to working with Ecuador’s next government—whoever may lead it—on a broad array of issues, to the benefit of the peoples of both countries and of the region. — Michael J. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador