The U.S. Government delivered military equipment to the Ecuadorian Army

General Laura Richardson, Commander of the United States Southern Command, and General Gustavo Acosta of the Ecuadorian Army, during the ceremony of delivery of the equipment.

Equipment valued at $730,000 delivered to the Jungle Brigade 19 “Napo” of the Ecuadorian Army, which is located in a high-risk area. 

Quito, September 16, 2022.  The Government of the United States delivered military equipment valued at $730,000 to the 19th Jungle Brigade “Napo” of the Ecuadorian Army, in the province of Orellana. Among the equipment delivered were: 180 protective vests with helmets and ballistic protection plates, 180 tactical kits, 35 GPS devices, 12 thermal cameras, spare parts and support equipment for weapons and night vision devices to be delivered at a later date, and two cargo vans. 

The equipment, delivered through the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Security Cooperation, will help keep 19th Brigade personnel safe from threats and improve overland mobility issues.  

The ceremony was attended by General Laura Richardson, Commander of the United States Southern Command, Michael J. Fitzpatrick, Ambassador of the United States to Ecuador, and Ecuadorian authorities.  “This delivery of equipment will help the 19th Brigade continue to respond to the dangers they face. The United States continues to invest in Ecuador’s priority areas and support various projects related to the country’s security. This delivery is an example of our investment,” said the Ambassador.  

Security and stability in the northern border region enhance the security and stability of Ecuador.  The U.S. Government is working with Ecuador to establish programmes to better equip and empower Ecuador to meet the challenges facing the region. Increased security will contribute to creating opportunities for economic development and education, raising the standard of living in the region.