The United States Aids Disaster Victims in Ecuador

Ecuadorian and U.S. Authorities during the ceremony to donate tools to support communities affected by the earthquake and floods in El Oro and Guayas.

The tools donated to the Risk Management Secretariat (SNGRE) will provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake and floods in El Oro and Guayas.

Guayaquil, April 14, 2023. The Government of the United States delivered tools to the Risk Management Secretariat (SNGRE) to support the Ecuadorian government’s efforts to provide assistance mainly to the populations of El Oro and Guayas provinces affected by the strong earthquake which occurred on March 18, in addition to the recent floods. This contribution is part of the $250,000 humanitarian assistance package announced in recent days by the United States Government in response to recent natural disasters. 

In an official ceremony, Tim Stater, Acting Consul General of the United States Consulate in Guayaquil delivered 750 picks, 800 shovels and 50,000 sandbags to Cristian Torres, Secretary of Risk Management. Valued at $25,000, these tools are part of U.S. Southern Command’s ongoing humanitarian assistance efforts. 

“International collaboration between sister countries such as the United States and Ecuador is essential in times of crisis.  Today, more than ever, we need solidarity and collaboration to secure the future of the country and continue to overcome the obstacles we face together due to climate change,” said the Acting Consul General. 

The U.S. Government remains committed to working with Ecuadorian communities before, during, and after natural disasters.