U.S. and Ecuador Extend Cooperation Agreement in Counternarcotics, Law Enforcement, and Justice Sector Cooperation

Gustavo Manrique, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Michael J. Fitzpatrick, Ambassador of the U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador, at the signing ceremony.

In a signing ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.S. and Ecuadorian officials formally extended cooperation for the next 10 years.

Quito, August 16.  The United States and Ecuador today formally extended and expanded cooperation on strengthening the capacity of law enforcement and the justice sector to combat transnational organized crime and bolster security for citizens and communities in Ecuador.

In a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador Michael J. Fitzpatrick and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gustavo Manrique counter-signed a letter of agreement to guarantee continued cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking, corruption, and other transnational crimes, including through training and equipping law enforcement and justice officials for the next 10 years.

Ambassador Fitzpatrick said “Now more than ever, the United States stands with Ecuador in the fight against organized crime and the pursuit of justice.  We are committed to our security and justice sector partnership with Ecuador:  today, tomorrow, and for as long as it takes to mitigate the urgent threats our countries and peoples face.  Estamos Unidos.”

The agreement, first established in 2002, codifies collaboration on initiatives implemented by the United States Department of State via the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador.

Today’s signing reaffirms the United States Government’s enduring commitment to our partnership with Ecuadorian institutions in tackling the most pressing security challenges in Ecuador and the region.