How to fill out properly the DS-2029 form

This page contains some of the information that is on the instruction pages of the DS-2029 form and it has some additional information that is relevant to submitting your application in the Mission Ecuador Consular Districts.  It may not include all the fields on the form but it includes the fields that we have seen that have the most mistakes while submitting the form

  • Field # 1
    Enter the name of the child as it is recorded on the local birth certificate.
  • Field # 5/11
    Enter Mother/Father/Parent’s name as it appears on the passport and/or government issued identity document.  In the case of the U. S. Citizen please make sure the information entered in this field is the same that reflects the latest U.S. passport.
  • Field # 6/12
    Enter all legal names ever used by mother/father/parent, including name at birth.  Most naturalized U.S. citizens have only one last name on their U.S. passport, in this field they would include both last names as is on their foreign birth certificate, if applicable.
  • Field # 7
    The address in this field is just for information purposes. You can enter a U.S. or a local address.
  • Field # 10/16
    Enter the address in the foreign country where the application is completed.  Make sure you provide a phone number that we can reach you at during regular business hours since this is our contact method to schedule the appointment.
  • Field # 22/23
    Date of marriage; end date, if any; and manner ended, if applicable. If you have never been married, enter “none.”  Please add the place city and state (if in the U.S.) or city and country (if outside of the U.S.) of the previous marriage.
  • Field # 24/25
    List all dates you have been present in the United States. The transmitting U.S. Citizens parent will have to write down all the dates that s/he has been physically present inside the United States.  If you require additional assistance on this part, there is a section on this website dedicated only on this field.
    If you require additional space to write down the information please continue on Section D of the DS-2029 form.

We know that this is the most complicated part of this form, so we urge you to please pay close attention to details.

On the list of dates you provide in field # 24/25, you need to fill out only the dates that you have been physically present in the U.S.  This means that if you left the U.S. for even one day, on vacation to Canada, Mexico or any other place outside the U.S. or any of its outlying possessions, these dates should not be included on this list.

If you are using your passports to fill out this part of the form, you need to make sure you entered the information correctly on the form.  We encourage all applicants to request an Ecuadorian  “Movimiento Migratorio”, this won’t tell you the time that you have been in the U.S. but it will help you keep track of the dates that you have been in Ecuador and remove these dates from the list.

For example:

All entry stamps to Ecuador or other countries would mean that you have not been in the U.S., therefore these dates should be on the right side, showing an exit from the U.S.

All entry stamps to the U.S. would mean that you are in the U.S., therefore these dates should be on the left side, showing an entry to the U.S.

Due to technology advances, most U.S. passports do not have a U.S. entry stamp but you may have other information that can help you to fill out the form correctly.