Required documentation to apply for a CRBA – Guayaquil Consular Section

Gathering the required documentation to apply for the Consular Report of Birth Abroad may be difficult but if is done correctly it will save you several trips to the consular section, avoiding to have the application to be put on hold or, even worse, having your application rejected and you would have to start the whole process again.

  1. Form DS2029 + fee
  2. US Parent’s Passport (+ 2 copies)
  3. US Parent’s Naturalization Certificate or Birth Certificate (+1 copy)
  4. Child’s Inscripcion de Nacimiento (+2 copies)
  5. Ecuadorian Parent’s ID (+2 copies)
  6. Marriage Certificate (+1copy if applicable)
  7. Divorce Decree (+1 copy if applicable)
  8. Evidence of Physical Presence (+1 copy)
  9. Mother’s Prenatal Records (+1 set of copy)
  10. Pregnancy Photos (+1 set of copy)
  11. Form DS11 + fee + photo (make sure that the pictures comply with the requirements.)

Please download this checklist (PDF 135kb), print it, check to see if you have all the documents and submit it with your application.