Required documentation to apply for a CRBA – Quito Consular Section

Gathering the required documentation to apply for the Consular Report of Birth Abroad may be difficult but if is done correctly it will save you several trips to the consular section, avoiding to have the application to be put on hold or, even worse, having your application rejected and you would have to start the whole process again.

This is the list of documents you need to bring the day of your appointment:

  1. Form DS-2029 correctly filled out
  2. U.S. Parent’s Passport
  3. U.S. Parent’s Naturalization Certificate or Birth Certificate
  4. Foreign Parent’s ID, if applies.
  5. Child’s “copia de Acta Registral de Nacimiento
  6. Current Marriage Certificate
    If the current marriage was in Ecuador, a “copia de Acta Registral de Matrimonio” is required.
  7. Divorce Decree
    any previous marriages in Ecuador will need to have a “copia de Acta Registral de Matrimonio”.
  8. Evidence of Physical Presence
    You may bring school/university/college transcripts, employment certificates that mentions the period of employment, passports with admission stamps into the United States, entry/exit record from Ecuador (Movimiento Migratorio) and/or the United States, photographs in the United States.
    You may also bring secondary proof, such as utility bills, leasing agreements, w-2 forms and tax records (this information will show that you may have some connection to the U.S. but not necessarily physical presence inside the U.S.).
    For military members: Form LES or DD-214, service records from the U.S. Government or U.S. Armed Forces, or evidence of having been a dependent of a U.S. Government employee who worked overseas.
  9. Mother’s Prenatal Records
    Ultrasounds, doctor’s reports during pregnancy, doctor’s or hospital’s report showing the number of weeks/days when the child was born, pregnancy pictures.
  10. Photograph
    One recent 2″ x 2″ (5 cm x 5 cm) color photo with a white background of the applicant. Make sure that the pictures comply with the requirements.
  11. Corresponding Fees
    $100.00 fee that can be paid in cash or credit card; no checks or debit cards are accepted.

Please download this checklist (PDF 123kb), print it, check to see if you have all the documents and submit the checklist with your application.

You need to bring all the documentation detailed above and the checklist, please keep in mind the following:

  • The DS-2029 need to be complete (all 7 pages)
  • From numbers 2 to 4, they require the original and 1 copy
  • From numbers 5 to 7, if the document can be verified online, only bring the original; if it cannot be verified online, bring the original and 1 copy
  • Number 8, please bring the originals and 1 set of copies, please do not make copies of any financial documents (statements, lease, W2 forms, etc.).  If you are using your previous passports as proof of physical presence, do not make photocopies of the passport pages and you will need to bring an Ecuadorian “movimiento migratorio”.
  • Numbers 9 and 10, only bring originals.
  • $100.00 fee that can be paid in cash or credit card; no checks or debit cards are accepted.
  • The child needs to be present at the time of interview.
  • The copies do not need to be in color but they need to be clear.

The CRBA checklist (PDF 123kb) is a document that was sent to you on the appointment confirmation e-mail; if you did not received it, you can reply to your appointment e-mail requesting it.

The consular section may request additional documentation than may not be detailed in this website.

If you plan to apply for a passport in addition to the Consular Report of Birth Abroad, please make sure you bring the additional documentation that is detailed under the “Apply for a passport” tab in our passport section.