Applying for a U.S. Passport using a DS-11 form

Instruction to apply for a first-time U.S. passport or, renewal of a minor’s passport (DS-11 form)

This type of application requires an appointment. Please read all the information on this section in detail. At the end you will find information on how to make an appointment.


Requirements for all applications

  1. Completed passport application Form DS-11, including page 1 of the instructions (print one-sided pages only).
    Here are some important details not to miss:

    • If you are filling out the form by hand, please use black ink.
    • Field # 5 – If you have been issued a Social Security Number, you must provide it in accordance with 22 U.S.C. 2714a and 22 C.F.R 51.60(f).  Failure to do so can substantially delay processing time. If you never had a Social Security Number, you may enter zeros (000-00-0000) in the field and let our staff know when you turn in your application.
    • Field # 6 – You must provide an email address; all communications are conducted via email.
    • Field # 7 & 8 – You must provide a local telephone number (in Ecuador) and address.
    • Field # 9 – You must include your birth name, maiden name, or other names that you have legally used in the past.  For dual citizens (Ecuadorian/U.S. Citizen), you must include both last names as is listed on your Ecuadorian ID.
    • Field # 10 – You must include the applicant’s parent birth name.
    • Field # 11 – This question is regarding the applicant’s marital status.
    • Field # 15 – Please include your height in feet and inches.
    • Field # 20 – Please include an emergency contact, it can be in the United States or any country. If you fill out the information online and your emergency contact is outside the United States, you can leave it blank and fill it out by hand.
    • All fields should be filled out correctly and completely. Failure to do so can substantially delay processing time.
  2. Proof of Citizenship of applicant
    • Previous U.S. passport, U.S. Birth Certificate, Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization.
      Original and one (1) copy
  3. Valid Proof of ID of applicant
    • Valid previous U.S. passport, valid U.S. driver license or state ID, valid foreign passport or valid Ecuadorian ID
      Original and one (1) copy.
  4. One recent 2″ x 2″ (5 cm x 5 cm) color photo with a white background.
    Make sure that the pictures comply with the requirements. Important: If your picture does not comply with the requirements your application will not be accepted, and you will have to start the process again.
  5. Proof of Payment
    Pay the corresponding application fees via the U.S. government’s secure payment site (
    Print Payment Confirmation: Upon successful payment of the fee, you will receive a confirmation email with the receipt of electronic payment.  Print out the electronic payment confirmation and bring it with your application.
  6. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please take a few extra moments to verify the accuracy of the biographical information (including the Social Security number) on your application form.
  7. It is recommended that you bring printed age progression photos (evolutionary pictures), at least two for each year starting from the year the last passport was issued.

Additional requirements for minors under 16 years old

  • Original U.S. or foreign birth certificate
    If the birth certificate is from Ecuador, you need to bring an “Acta Registral de Nacimiento” issued within the last 30 days.
    Original and one (1) copy.
  • Valid Proof of ID of both parents
    Valid U.S. passport, valid U.S. driver license or state ID, valid foreign passport or valid Ecuadorian ID
    Original and one (1) copy.
  • A second picture ID for parents.
    (You will be requested to leave one ID at the entrance)
  • Minor must be present.
  • Both parents must appear in person at the time of application.
    If one or both parents cannot be present the day the minor is applying for the passport, please read the information provided on this link.
    Please note that the absent parent must sign the form (DS-3053) at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate or in front of a certified notary public in the U.S.

The Consular Officer may request additional documentation, or other requirements not mentioned on the website, before approving a passport.

The new passport will be available in 35 to 40 business days, after your interview, once it has been approved.  If you have travel planned before this time frame, you may request an emergency passport at the time of your interview.

Other Requirements

Additional Documentation

Additional Information

You have to bring all the Required Documentation detailed above and the Additional Documentation. If you do not have originals and only have copies, please bring what you have and let the consular officer know at the time of interview.

The processing time for a regular passport is 35 to 40 business days. If you a require a passport sooner, just bring your travel itinerary and mention it to the consular officer at the time of the interview.
Emergency, limited validity, passports are printed in 48 hours or less. Please keep in mind that some countries do not accept Emergency U.S. passports for visa free travel.

For a DS-11 form you will need to make an appointment, this process cannot be done via courier.

Once you have gathered all the required and, if needed, additional documentation to apply for a U.S. Passport, you must make an appointment at the Consular Section in Quito or Guayaquil.

The American Citizens Services Section does not schedule appointments by phone since it requires personal information of each applicant.


Frequently Asked Questions is a government platform that allows user to make payments to U.S. government entities.

U.S. passport applicants in Ecuador, can pay the application fees online via U.S. or international credit or debit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, or via electronic funds transfer from a U.S. based bank account. Paying online for a U.S. passport through this mechanism allows you make the payment 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you would have everything ready when you turn in your application.

How do I make the payment? is government website that receives payments for several institutions. If you go into the website, you will not be able to see U.S. Mission Ecuador as part of their payees. You need to use the link provided on the step 5 of this page or check the Fees page on our website.

If you have more questions regarding, check our Frequently Asked Questions.

We always encourage to use the Is an easy and simple solution that saves time.

If you are unable to make the payment online, please contact us by e-mail:

These e-mail addresses are only for American Citizen Services related inquiries, other inquiries will not be answered.