• $165.00 – First time adult passport book (16 and over qualify as an adult) or to replace a lost or stolen passport for an adult.
  • $135.00 – Passport book for minors (under 16 years old), if is a renewal or to replace a lost or stolen passport.
  • $130.00 – Passport book renewal for adult (you can only pay using Pay.gov unless you are applying for an emergency passport)
  • $  30.00 – Passport card for adults.
  • $  15.00 – Passport card for minors.

If you have an appointment, you will need to make the payment at the Embassy or Consulate.  Fees may be paid by cash or credit card (it will be an international charge).  No checks or debit cards are accepted.

The fees charged are for receiving your passport application, they are not charged based on a approved passport application, and they are non refundable.