U.S. Embassy Invites English Teachers from Public Schools to Apply to the Ecuador Habla Inglés Program

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The seventh open call for applications for Ecuador Habla Inglés will be open until April 9.  

Quito, March 10, 2023.  The U.S. Government invites English teachers from public schools across the country to apply to the Ecuador Habla Inglés program.  The objective of the program is to train and strengthen the skills of English teachers in public schools.  Participants will improve their level of English to reach level B2 and increase their skills in language instruction. The call for applications will be open until April 9 or until all spots are filled.  Those who sign up first have a better chance of getting a spot.  Classes will be held virtually. 

The program requirements to apply are: 

  1. to be an English teacher of the Ministry of Education, 
  2. to work in a public institution, 
  3. not yet to have the B2 CEFR level in English, and 
  4. to have a connection to the Internet suitable for virtual study.   

For Michael J. Fitzpatrick, the U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador, “English opens doors, and is a fundamental tool to expand professional and personal goals.  English enables one to experience other cultures, lifestyles, to meet new people around the world, and to understand their habits and customs.”  

This program is possible thanks to the agreement signed in 2020 between Ecuador’s Ministry of Education and the Government of the United States.  Ecuador Habla Inglés started in 2020, reaching teachers from public schools and colleges in Manabí, and has gradually expanded to now reach all of the country’s provinces.  The program is sponsored by the Government of the United States and is implemented by EIL Ecuador.

“This is a great step for education in Ecuador and demonstrates a clear commitment to improving our teachers’ skills and knowledge of the English language. Thanks to this program, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and executed by EIL, students will have better opportunities in the future,” said Andrés Chiriboga Zumárraga, Vice Minister of Educational Management of the Ministry of Education.  

Since 2020, the program has held six open calls for application and trained more than 2,000 teachers in Ecuador . In this seventh call of Ecuador  Habla Inglés, 250 additional teachers will receive training. Ecuador Habla Inglés will benefit an estimated 400,000 students in Ecuador who are in classes with teachers trained in teaching English. 

The United States recognizes the importance of English language-learning and English instruction, and emphasizes its commitment to working with Ecuador to promote education.  

To apply, complete your pre-registration by April 9 at: https://bit.ly/3Ee6160 

For inquiries about the program write to: proyectos.ingles@eilecuador.org