U.S. Government Celebrates Environmental Protection on Earth Day

Volunteers at the Chimborazo Reserve following a park clean-up event in honor of Earth day 2023.

The United States has invested more than $50 million in new environmental programs in Ecuador since 2022.  

Quito, April 21, 2023. In recognition of the 53rd Earth Day tomorrow, the Government of the United States will celebrate the collaboration of environmental conservation in Ecuador under the international slogan “Invest in our planet.” Environmental conservation is central to the Biden-Harris Administration’s public policy, both domestic and foreign. As such, the Government of the United States finances projects and invests resources to protect the environment with Ecuadorian communities and the Government of Ecuador.  

U.S. environmental conservation initiatives in cooperation with Ecuador include projects to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking; promoting biodiversity; combating illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing; tackling climate change; among others. 

In 2022, the U.S. Government announced $50 million in funding available for new environmental programs for Ecuador through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In order to protect the environment and generate economic opportunities for Ecuadorians, USAID’s new programs will help protect more than 200,000 hectares of Amazon forest, provide sustainable economic alternatives to illegal resource extraction, and help improve resource management in the Galapagos Islands.   

This year, the State Department implemented the “Journalism for the Conservation and Care of the Environment” program with the University of the Hemispheres and U.S. experts, training Ecuadorian journalists to increase reporting on environmental themes. In commemoration of Earth Day, we organized a park clean up event with more than 75 university volunteers and exchange program alumni in the Chimborazo Reserve. 

“On this Earth Day, we reflect on the importance of caring for and protecting the environment for the ecosystem and future generations: An investment that will bring us immense dividends,” said Michael J. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador. 

As a token of the United States’ attention to environmental conservation, Ambassador Fitzpatrick signed an internal initiative to formalize  the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Ecuador’s commitment to conservation. In addition, colleagues from the Embassy and Consulate make up a “Green Team” that coordinates impactful daily actions such as recycling, carpooling, and reducing energy use. The Ambassador’s residence, which is in a natural corridor, is a certified Wildlife Habitat certification by the National Wildlife Federation of the United States.

The shared priority of protecting the environment is another example of the close relationship and cooperation that exists between the people of Ecuador and the United States.