U.S. Government Trained National Police and Prosecutors in Post-Explosion Investigations

The objective was to provide basic techniques to investigate crime scenes where an explosive device detonated 

Quito, November 18, 2022.  The Government of the United States held two trainings on post-explosion investigations in Guayaquil for select Ecuadorian National Police officers and prosecutors, in coordination with the International Affairs and Cooperation Department of the Attorney General’s Office. The Post-Explosion Investigation Techniques Training” that took place in Guayaquil started on November 7 and concluded today, November 18.  

The objective of the course was to provide members with basic techniques to investigate crime scenes where an explosive device detonated. During the training, participants acquired skills to identify components, how they should be classified and sent to the laboratory for analysis, and the methodology to integrate multidisciplinary teams to perform this type of research. 

 At the end of the activities, a closing ceremony was held for both trainings. Jason Cubas, Interim Consul General of the U.S. Consulate in Ecuador, attended the ceremony. 

 “The support and collaboration of the United States with Ecuador is constant. The United States continues to invest in Ecuador’s security, and these trainings are another example of that,” said the Acting Consul General. 

 In addition, four explosives response kits used during the training were provided to the Ministry of the Interior for continued use by the National Police’s Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR). This will serve to strengthen institutional capacity, and specifically to support the National Police’s ability to respond to crimes involving explosives.  

The U.S. Government is working with Ecuador to implement training programs and provide equipment to address security challenges.