How to Prevent Fraud

Do Not Be a Victim of Fraud

Please be aware that no one can guarantee the issuance of a visa. The decision to approve or deny an application is made solely by a consular officer at the time of an interview. Accordingly, each applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information presented in the application and during the interview.

The following will result in a denial of your visa application and may result in a permanent ineligibility to obtain a visa:

  • Attempting to conceal or deny any prior immigration violations or legal issues (in any country).
  • Presenting any false or altered documents.
  • Presenting someone else’s documents as your own.

If you have information about fraud related to visas, please write us at (for Guayaquil) or (for Quito). Your information will be kept confidential.

Visa Consultants and Travel Agents
Some applicants hire “visa consultants” that promise a visa will be issued. While some consultants provide helpful information, many do not.

As part of their “services,” consultants sometimes sell fake financial packages or encourage parents who wish to visit children in the United States to lie about the number or location of their other children. Applicants who provide false information during a visa interview may be permanently ineligible for a visa to the United States.

Remember: You alone are responsible for the accuracy of the information in your application. Intentionally submitting false information either on the application or during the visa interview can lead to a permanent visa ineligibility. Never submit your application without reviewing it first for accuracy if you have had help filling it out.

Applicants who receive interview coaching by consultants should also be wary of such services. The end result is that every client from a particular consultant sounds exactly like one another. This diminishes credibility among those who memorize the “correct” answers and cannot hold free-flowing conversations with visa officers.